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keith's hand cleaner 13oz jar

A 13 oz. jar of Keith’s—a better-cleaning, harder-working, hand-friendlier hand cleaner.

hands scrubbed clean with keith's hand cleaner micro-photo of exfoliating and scrubbing pumice powder

The 50X micrograph above shows the foamed-stone nature—and highly effective cleaning and exfoliating surfaces—of finely ground pumice powder.

KEITH’S HAND CLEANER is a wonderful combination of pure soap, skin conditioners, and fine pumice. Pumice is well known as a gentle yet efficient exfoliant, used widely in the cosmetics industry in scrubs and exfoliating creams. It works wonders on dirty, stained hands, effectively removing stubbornly stuck-on grime while also exfoliating (removing dead skin) rough, dry patches and promoting healthy cell growth and elastic skin.

Keith’s is the original Industrial Strength hand cleaner, used by tire, diesel and automotive repair shops, greenhouses and farms, plumbers, pipe fitters and printers, and in all kinds of factories and by hard-working men and women of many professions. For any kind of work or play that gets your hands dirty, Keith's Hand Cleaner is the right solution (for over 40 years now) to keep hard-working hands both clean and healthy.

BETTER CLEANING: Keith’s Hand Cleaner cleans better than anything on the market, and it does so without resorting to the use of chemical solvents or detergents. It removes windshield urethane, Permatex (gasket sealants), fiberglass, Bondo, paint, plastic cements and any other hand stainer. Keith’s Hand Cleaner doesn’t dissolve the grease, grime, paint, or urethane stuck on your hands, it removes it. Keith’s Hand Cleaner is a water-activated dry powder that works like hundreds of tiny scrub brushes as you wash your hands, scrubbing clean palms, fingers, nail beds and fingernails. The now-loose gunk either binds to the foamed-stone pumice particles and/or is encapsulated by the soap molecules and carried away in the rinse water. The natural skin conditioners stay behind to sooth, condition, and moisturize the skin.

HEALTHIER HANDS: Keith’s Hand Cleaner uses a proprietary formula of pumice, a natural skin conditioner, and pure soap, leaving your hands healthy and clean. After you dry your hands, they will feel moisturized and healthy, as if you put lotion on them. There are no chemicals or detergents in Keith’s Hand Cleaner. Chemicals and detergents may very well dissolve grease and grime, but they are hard on the hands, causing dryness and cracking.

WHY PUMICE? Pumice, even when crushed to a fine powder, retains its foamed-stone nature, with myriad little surface edges and ridges that effectively scrub away clingy grime and glued-on gunk. And it does so gently—which is why pumice makes an excellent exfoliant, smoothing rough skin and encouraging healthy cell growth.

SAVE MONEY Keith’s Hand Cleaner will save you money. Period. Whatever you might be currently using, you will use less product and save money when you switch to Keith’s Hand Cleaner. Less than one-half teaspoon of Keith’s Hand Cleaner will clean the filthiest of hands. One 13 oz jar outlasts (and out-cleans) a gallon of liquid-type cleaner.

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Keith’s Hand Cleaner uses a proprietary formula of pumice, a natural skin conditioner. and pure soap. Contains no chemicals or detergents.
» Size: 13 ounces in a shaker-topped container.
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