Shaped Pumice Stones


Pumouse scrub stones Pumouse: a shaped pumice stone

A typical Pumouse™-type shaped pumice stone designed to fit comfortably in hand.

ESSENTIALLY A FOAMED GLASS stone—an amorphous matrix of cutting edges—pumice is widely known for its gentle yet highly-efficient abrasive character. Pumice is tough enough to remove stubborn stains and, in ultrafine grades, even polish, yet is soft enough not to gouge and damage. A shaped pumice stone takes that wonderful abrasive character and molds it into a truly useful hand tool. A gentle scrubbing effort is all that is needed for the microscopic cutting surfaces of the pumice to do the job.

What makes a shaped pumice stone both viable and valuable is the inherient friability of pumice—meaning it can be crushed and graded to a small-grained grits and powders while retaining its gentle abrasive quality (texture)—every pumice granule retains its abrasive nature. Combine that benefit with careful size grading and a useful shape, and the result is a predictable, consistant abrading tool.

The Pumouse™

The Pumouse™ is a tear-shaped, flat-bottomed, round-topped stone that is widely useful for a variety of cleaning, grooming, and exfoliating tasks. Made from crushed and carefully graded pumice—sourced from the purest commercial of white pumice on the planet—Volcano Girls™ brand shaped pumice stones provide a consistent, form-deep cutting surface in a useful, easy-to-hold shape. The uses for the Pumouse include:

HARD-WATER STAIN REMOVAL: Driven by a bit of elbow grease, the countless microscopic cutting edges of the Pumouse remove hard water stains and deposits on ceramic and porclain surfaces. The beauty of cleaning with a Pumouse™ is that the abrasive benefit isn’t just glued to the surface. Even if you work the Pumouse™ down to a nubbin, it still delivers its stain-abrading magic.

EXFOLIATING STONE: The Pumouse™ gently abrades calluses away and smoothes rough patches of skin. The tear-drop shape—with its rounded top and flat bottom—provides a variety of useful surfaces and feels great in the hand. A quick rinse cleans the cutting edges for reuse.

GROOMING STONE: The Pumouse™ works great as a grooming stone for short-haired critters. Shaped to fit sweetly onto the hand, the bazillions of microscopic edges packed into the stone gently scrape away shed hair, dirt, and oily gunk. Stone can be used wet or dry. Periodically clean the Pumouse with soap and water and rinse well to restore effectivness.

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Formed pumice stone shaped to be easy to handle and provide a variety of useful surfaces and edges. Purchase the Pumouse in combos of 2, 5, and 12.
» Size: Pumouse™ shaped stones measure 3.2" (8.3cm) long x 1.3" (3.5cm) wide x 1" (2.6cm) tall.
Technical Data Sheet (PDF) for Shaped Pumice Stones
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