Pumice Scrub for Cleaning Glass and Porcelain


gleaming bathroom surfaces kept clean of hard water mineral deposits

The dissolved minerals in our water supply—like limestone, calcium, magnesium—make it tough to keep wet-area surfaces clear and clean. A scrubbing with CleanCut™ restores the gleam.

gleaming bathroom surfaces kept clean of hard water mineral deposits

Magnified (50x) pumice powder grains show the foamed-stone friability and myriad sharp glassy edges that make pumice scrubs so effective on tough hard water deposits.

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CleanCut™ Pumice Scrub removes hard water stains and spots from glass, porcelain, and vitreous china. NOT for use on delicate surfaces like marble, finished wood, plastics, fiberglass, or painted surfaces.

CLEANCUT™ PUMICE POWDER SCRUB gets its gentle yet highly-effective abrasive properties from an nature-blessed combination of factors. First, pumice is essentially a foamed-glass stone. Each pumice particle consists of air-filled, thin-walled vesicles inside and sharp, biting edges on the surface. This unique pairing of mineral composition (volcanic glass) and physical structure (foamed stone) means that even crushed to a fine powder, pumice retains its essential functional nature. Under scrubbing pressure, pumice breaks rather than gouging the glass or ceramic surface. And as it breaks down, it fractures in shards, as glass does, with each newly-formed shard sharp-edged and ready to cut.

The second factor is the pumice deposit itself—nature does not create all pumice equally. The Hess Pumice deposit in southeast Idaho is the purest commercial deposit of white pumice in the world. It is also dense enough and hard enough to be effectively abrasive, but friable enough be not the damage glass and ceramic surfaces. As a matter of fact, the abrasive quality of the pumice from the Hess deposit is world class: it opened up world-wide markets for Hess pumice, especially in the grinding/polishing television glass.

For Scrubbing Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces

CleanCut™ breaks free hard water deposits and other stubborn stains by abrasion. The CleanCut abrasive process is a combination of countless sharp-edged pumice particles, scrubbing pressure, and soapy water to suspend and then rinse away the broken-loose mineral deposit fragments. The only surfaces that can withstand this abrasive process without scratching are those made to be hard and non-porous—the surfaces of ceramic/porcelain plumbing fixtures and tiles, and the thick glass panels found in wet areas like bathrooms.

Cleaning via gentle abrasion means harsh chemical cleansers can be avoided. Thick, stubborn mineral deposits on porcelain fixtures may need the rigid utility of a shaped pumice stone.

AVOID DELICATE SURFACES: Do not use CleanCut on thin-skinned and/or delicate surfaces like plastics, fiberglass, finished wood, marble (cultured or natural), and painted surfaces. Do not use on tadelakt plaster finishes. The thin, plated finishes of faucets and trim will scratch and eventually be worn away by CleanCut; satin and flat finishes will quickly be worn shiny.

CERAMIC CATEGORIES: Bathroom fixtures and hard-glazed tiles are types of fired non-porous ceramics, categorized with names like vitreous china, bone china, porcelain. CleanCut can be used on these surfaces.

VIRTUES OF CLEAN: Beyond the sanitary and visually pleasing aspect of being around gleaming-clean bathroom fixtures and surfaces, the accumulated mineral deposits found in the water supply (calcium, magnesium, limestone) and the build-up of acidic waste on those mineral deposits ultimately eat through the protective layer of a fixture’s easy-to-clean finish.

Instructions for Use

Fill a bucket with hot sudsy water. Wet a non-scratch pad in the soapy water and sprinkle CleanCut™ pumice powder onto the wet pad. Scrub back and forth with firm-to-hard pressure. Avoid scrubbing in a circular pattern.

WARNING: Avoid delicate, easily-scratched, and thin-skinned surfaces. Not for use on fiberglass, plastics, marble, finished wood, or painted surfaces. Do not use on tadelakt plaster finishes.

STORAGE: Store CleanCut in a sealed container to keep the powder dry and easy to dispense/sprinkle. CleanCut is a natural pumice stone powder and will keep indefinitely.


» Technical Data: the physical and chemical properties of our natural pumice.

» Pumice Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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CleanCut™ is an abrasive scrub to clean stubborn stains and water spots from non-porous wet-area surfaces: glass and ceramic/porcelain tiles sand fixtures, vitreous china fixtures.
Technical Data Sheet (PDF) for CleanCut
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